Freeman, the leading global provider of brand experiences has appointed Adam Jones, co-founder and former CEO of Showplans, to the position of director – Digital Products, Freeman in EMEA, overseeing the entire digital event technology portfolio. The digital portfolio includes a range of leading enablement and engagement technologies, including four products from Showplans Technology Group, which Freeman acquired at the end of 2016.

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We’ll create stunning images and realistic video that showcases how your event will look

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What is ShowVision?

Our ShowVision service creates 3D representations of your event, using floor plans, exhibitor details and venue information.

Because events tend to run for fixed periods in hired venues, it can be difficult to envisage what they’ll look like before they open for business.

ShowVision lets you see what your event space will look like when your exhibitors have set up. It can create virtual tours to guide visitors through the space. And it’s a great way to see how different layouts or design options will work in practice.

3D images and videos that bring your event to life before it happens

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Why use ShowVision?

Bring your event to life

What will your event look and feel like as you approach and walk around? ShowVision helps you understand this in a way floor plans alone cannot.

Make good design decisions

Use ShowVision to visualise different event layouts, materials and more. Or compare the design of key areas, like your entrance or auditorium.

Show exhibitors what they’re getting

Figures of square footage and footfall are helpful, but ShowVision can show exhibitors what their stand will actually look like in your event space.

Attract and assist visitors

Use visualisations in your marketing materials to showcase your event’s wow factor. Then make sure visitors can find their way around via digital signage.

We give you time to focus on making your events great

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Who is ShowVision for?

ShowVision can be helpful if you’re involved in any aspect of organising, managing or running an event. It’s used by events of all kinds, from local gatherings to popular, high-profile events.

For operations

  • Help visitors navigate your event. Create 3D models for information boards and digital signage that grab visitor attention while remaining easy to understand.
  • Visualise stand and design proposals. Our realistic 3D representations let you see what proposed stand and event features will look like — so you can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ with confidence.
  • Check routes and sightlines before the build. A 3D tour or walkthrough lets you see things from a visitor’s perspective. Can they see what’s up ahead? Are key routes sensible and logical?

A stunning way to showcase your event

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How does ShowVision work?

1. Discuss your requirements

We always tailor ShowVision to fit your needs. That means every project starts with a discussion about your event, its exhibitors, visitors — and what you’re trying to achieve.

2. Develop initial concepts

Once we know what you want, our expert design team will explore some design options. We’ll share these with you so you make sure you like the progress we’re making.

3. Finalise and deliver visuals

Always keeping you updated with what’s happening, we’ll apply the finishing touches before delivering your images or video. You’re then free to use these in any way you like.

Our creative team has lots of experience working with event managers and organisers. As part of this process, we’ll often suggest extra ways you could make use of 3D visuals.

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