Freeman, the leading global provider of brand experiences has appointed Adam Jones, co-founder and former CEO of Showplans, to the position of director – Digital Products, Freeman in EMEA, overseeing the entire digital event technology portfolio. The digital portfolio includes a range of leading enablement and engagement technologies, including four products from Showplans Technology Group, which Freeman acquired at the end of 2016.

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An easier, quicker, cheaper way to manage the floor plan for any event — because it puts you in control.

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What is ShowHub?

ShowHub is a new way to manage and update your event floor plan. It stores your floor plan in the cloud, so you can instantly share it with anyone.

ShowHub makes it easy to change your floor plan. And because everyone sees the same central version, you don’t have to let everyone know every time some thing changes.

Making it easier to organise and run events of every size

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Why use ShowHub?

Take control of your floor plan

ShowHub makes managing and changing your floor plan easy. The intuitive interface means you don’t have to pay a designer for every little change.

Share your floor plan effortlessly

With your floor plan in the cloud, you can share it with colleagues, exhibitors and visitors — and embed it into your website, all with ShowLive.

Sell space more easily

With instant floor plan access, your sales team can call up specifications in seconds, see what’s available and avoid double bookings.

Get your event on mobile devices

ShowHub is available for Apple and Android devices, giving visitors and exhibitors more ways to explore your floor plan and exhibitors.

Easier. Faster. Cheaper.

Once you’ve used ShowHub to manage your floor plan, you won’t go back.

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Who is ShowHub for?

ShowHub is for anyone involved in managing, organising or running an event. You don’t need any formal design training or technical skills to use it.

For operations

  • Manage your floor plan in-house. Sign in online to view and edit your floor plan. You can also grant access to colleagues, making it easy to work together — even if you’re in different places.
  • Make sure everyone can see your floor plan. Instantly export the latest version of your floor plan to share with others — or host it online, where every update will be shown automatically.
  • Stay legal and avoid mistakes. Set up protected areas and add zones to comply with health and safety rules, meet access needs and satisfy individual venue requirements.

Take control of your event floor plan

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How does ShowHub work?

1. Create or upload your floor plan

Often, event managers use our ShowFloorplans service to create their initial floor plan. But you can create it yourself in ShowHub, or upload a floor plan from another source.

2. Sign in to update or edit your floor plan

Because ShowHub runs in the cloud, you can sign in from any Mac or PC, and many mobile devices. Once you’re logged in, you can view and edit your floor plan — from anywhere.

3. Share access with anyone you like

You can create ShowHub accounts for anyone in your business, like your sales team or marketing manager. It’s easy to control access too, so people can’t make unauthorised changes.

We’ve designed ShowHub to be easy to use. You don’t need any design experience or specialist knowledge. However, our expert team is always on hand to provide support, training and advice.

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