Freeman, the leading global provider of brand experiences has appointed Adam Jones, co-founder and former CEO of Showplans, to the position of director – Digital Products, Freeman in EMEA, overseeing the entire digital event technology portfolio. The digital portfolio includes a range of leading enablement and engagement technologies, including four products from Showplans Technology Group, which Freeman acquired at the end of 2016.

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Optimised, efficient floor plans for absolutely any event — always tailored for you, your exhibitors and visitors.

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What is ShowFloorplans?

ShowFloorplans is our event floor plan design service. We develop a detailed, unique floor plan for your event, taking into account the needs and preferences of exhibitors and visitors — as well as your own requirements.

Once you have an event floor plan, you can manage it using ShowHub, or visualise how your event will look with ShowVision.

A floor plan can just be a floor plan.

But we believe it should be so much more.

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Why use ShowFloorplans?

Experience for any event

With over 50 years’ of combined event experience, we know that a great floor plan can be the foundation for an unforgettable event.

Maximise your event’s revenue

We make sure your event has as much sellable space as possible. On average, we can increase potential revenue from exhibitors by 15%.

Make the most of your space

No matter whether it’s a small hall or a giant conference centre, we engineer a welcoming space that's efficient and safe.

Get a great layout for your event

No generic floor plans here — we take time to understand your requirements, then deliver a unique floor plan that meets them.

Technology and services for
event organisers and managers

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Who is ShowFloorplans for?

The ShowFloorplans service is for anyone involved in managing, organising or running an event.

For operations

  • Use your space effectively. We work hard to find the best way to use the space you have, optimising visitor flow and eliminating quiet areas.
  • Fast, friendly service. We know you need a floor plan to sell stands, develop marketing material and work with partners. That’s why we do everything we can to deliver it quickly.
  • Stay legal and safe. With experience of events around the world, our expert team will make sure your floor plan meets all relevant regulations.

Maximise revenue and create great events with our ShowFloorplans service.

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How does ShowFloorplans work?

1. Tell us about your event

We want to know everything about your event. What is it? Where will it happen? Who is it for? What will visitors and exhibitors be looking for?

2. We craft a unique floor plan

We combine all our experience and knowledge with clever software to develop a unique, custom floor plan for your event.

3. You use it however you want

Once you’re happy with your floor plan, it’s available to use in any way you like. And we’ll be happy to advise on further tweaks or changes.

Once your floor plan has been created, you can load it in to ShowHub. This allows you to manage changes and share it with colleagues, partners, exhibitors and visitors.

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