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Event Production Show official app registers healthy stats

Event Production Show official app registers healthy stats

Showplans has released usage figures for the official Event Production Show 2014 app, which is part of the company’s Showplanner range. In total Showplanner recorded 3125 unique users, meaning more than three-quarters of almost 4000 visitors at the show made use of either the web app or the mobile app. Additionally, the 212 exhibitors received details of 2627 leads generated through the app’s add-to-plan and check-in functions, and 162 users took part in the mobile app’s QR Hunt game, with Catherine Beck of UCAS Events winning the prize of an iPad Mini.

Dan Edwards, Operations Manager for the Event Production Show, said “The uptake of the app and its positive impact on the visitors’ planning process is a great example of how an event app can perform with thorough promotion and a structured implementation. One of the most pleasing aspects of the show was the numbers attending our seminars, and this was reflected by the app users who created more than 850 diary bookmarks. The support Showplans provided in promoting the app helped us to achieve this impressive performance at what was a successful show overall.”

Event Production Show web app

Showplans Nominated for Event Production Award 2014!

Showplans Nominated for Event Production Award 2014!

We are proud to announce that Showplans has been shortlisted in the Innovation of the Year category at the Event Production Awards 2014. The nomination was received for our Showplanner app, which has been popular since its launch at the Event Production Show 2013, being used at the London Marathon Exhibition 2013 and the Coronation Festival among other events. Showplanner has been undergoing constant development during the last year, and Showplans will be revealing several exciting new features at the Event Production Show in February 2014.


Showplans marketing manager Sam Down says “After our awards success this year, during which we have been nominated for three awards and won one, we have really been looking forward to stepping things up a notch in 2014. This early nomination feels like a great statement of intent to keep our team motivated and pushing on to bigger and better things at what is a very exciting time to be part of Showplans.”

Event Production Awards

The Event Production Awards will take place on the 11th of February 2014 at Earl’s Court 2, after the first day of the Event Production Show.

Showplans Shortlisted For Event Technology Award!

We are pleased to announce that Showplans has been shortlisted in the Best Mobile App category at the inaugural Event Technology Awards, for our implementation of the Showplanner event app at the Event Production Show 2013. The awards will be handed out at Supernova London on the 15th November 2013, where Showplans Marketing Manager Sam Down will also give a talk on Gamification for better business at the Event Technology Conference which precedes the awards ceremony.

This award nomination follows our success at the Exhibition News Awards earlier this year, where we were shortlisted for two categories with Managing Director Richard Dove picking up the Best Client Support award. Sam says “game design elements play a vital role in our product development, not least in the Showplanner app for which we received this nomination, so I’m grateful to have the chance to share what we have learned to help make sense of this hugely important yet often misunderstood trend”.

Event Technology Awards Shortlist

Showplans and COS Rent4Events join forces to create ShowplannerLive

COS touchscreen logoShowplans and COS Rent4Events have joined forces to create a bespoke event technology experience like no other, by combining Showplans’ Showplanner mobile app and online portal with COS Rent4Events’ leading touch technology to enrich networking, scheduling, control and sales at a variety of events and exhibitions. Showplanner’s attendee planning and scheduling capabilities will now be offered to event organisers in combination with COS Rent4Events’ onsite technical support and hardware hire, including touchscreens, tablets, laptops and more as the ShowplannerLive package.

Adam Jones, CEO of Showplans, said “by offering these services in tandem we will be able to provide organisers with a high quality and reliable yet cost effective and convenient solution to give their visitors the ability to navigate the venue, plan their networking and schedule their time at events. We’re very excited about the potential of this partnership”. Victoria Sikopoulis, Rental Sales Manager at COS Rent4Events, added “together we share a passion for customer-focused support and understand that because events can take months of careful planning, the equipment, software and service need to be excellent.”
Adam Jones Victoria Sikopoulis

My, haven’t we grown!

Showplans expands with a new design and development office

Showplans has continued its course of intense growth with the acquisition of a larger office. The Fleet-based provider of event design services, which has expanded its product offering and tripled the size of its team in the last 16 months with plans for further recruitment in the summer and beyond, has now moved its design and development activities into a new office in Tisbury, near Salisbury in Wiltshire.

Showplans Office

With successful sales across the board and ongoing development on Showplans’ event app. online portal and new interactive 3D environments, the company is expecting to continue on its current trajectory of growth, explains CEO Adam Jones: “with new customers continuing to come on board and the drive to constantly develop our product offering, it has been necessary for us to provide a dedicated space for our design and development teams as our main office is no longer large enough. We’ve been extremely pleased with our solid growth over the last year and a half, and are expecting it to continue as new features are added to Showplanner”.


Showplanner at the Event Production Show 2013

With the announcement that new Showplanner modules will be launched at the Event Production Show 2014, we thought now would be a good time to take a look back at the 2013 show with a video featuring action from the show and comments from the organiser and exhibitors about how the Showplanner event app and online portal helped them achieve their goals at the show.

Event Production Show

Digital Summer Camp makes a statement of intent with Showplanner

Digital Summer Camp, Europe’s largest hands-on event providing digital skills and innovation for schools and young people, is the latest event to benefit from Showplanner. Visitors to the show on the 11th-12th July at Tech City in Hackney Community College will use the ShowplannerMap online portal, created by Showplans, to search for exhibitors of interest, locate them on an interactive 3D representation of the show venue and add them to a personal agenda for the day.

Event Organiser Ed Baker says “being a new technology-focused event, it is important that we align ourselves with providers who support our image of pushing technology forwards, and with their advanced and fit-for-purpose Showplanner system, Showplans are the ideal partners for us in that sense”.

Digital Summer Camp Screenshot

Visitors to this inaugural show will be invited to engage in interactive technology presentations, learn new skills in workshops and meet tech companies to test out their products and explore their options for a career in digital technology. Mayor of London Boris Johnson said of the event “the Digital Summer Camp will provide a great launch-pad for the technology leaders of the future, helping them to enhance the competitive edge of London’s Tech City and building its reputation as a place where local talent can thrive.”

The ShowplannerMap portal can be viewed on the event’s website at

MRO Network gets on board with Showplanner

Showplans has announced a new sale of Showplanner, with MRO Network (formerly UBM Aviation) signing up to use the ShowplannerMap online portal for AP&M 2014. The organizer has also trialled a brand new stand sales system based on the platform’s popular interactive 3D floorplan to book exhibitors for next year’s show.

Showplans CEO Adam Jones said “it’s great to see so many organizers recognizing the value of Showplanner, especially one as prestigious as this. The booking element will become part of the ShowplannerSales module, designed to streamline stand bookings for organizers.”


Exciting developments to Showplanner for Event Production Show 2014

After the successful launch of the Showplanner event app and online portal at the Event Production Show 2013, Showplans has revealed exciting developments to the Showplanner product suite to be showcased at the 2014 incarnation of the show.

Mash Media has agreed a deal for our space-optimising floorplan service Technical Showplans and the ShowplannerMap and ShowplannerApp modules that were launched at EPS 2013, alongside new modules ShowplannerDiary, ShowplannerAwards and ShowplannerSales.

Showplanner screenshot

The precise details of the new modules are a closely guarded secret, but Showplans CEO Adam Jones is promising exciting “industry firsts” in event scheduling, stand sales, navigation and networking for visitors to the show’s exhibition, talks and award ceremony, saying “as a company it’s important for us to build on our success and keep evolving, and from a broader perspective we are committed to ensuring the event industry is at the forefront of technological advancement by pushing the boundaries in our product development.”

2012 in summary

2012 was a big year for Showplans. Here’s a blow-by-blow account:

In the last year Showplans has expanded substantially, with key recruitments and enhancements in marketing strategy and product development. This growth has led Showplans to secure exclusive deals with several big name clients and increase brand awareness within the industry astronomically.

A notable change has been the consolidation of our product range into three core, focused strands. The products had previously fallen into 8 categories, which distracted from the company’s core activities. Aided by a website redesign, Showplans now offers a clear product message to existing and potential clients. The three strands are: Technical Showplans, a specialist floorplan service that is still the mainstay of the business; 3D Showplans, comprising 3D imaging and animated flythrough videos; and Showplanner, a suite of six products that can be used interoperably or as stand-alone modules, developed during 2012 to supersede our Visitor Event Planner. Showplanner is an event app and online matchmaking, scheduling and stand sales portal for exhibitions, conferences, networking events and awards shows of all sizes revolving around an attractive 3D floorplan, an interactive scheduler, powerful search functionality and smart networking tools.


Showplanner features a number of key innovations. Being modular, organisers are offered the flexibility to choose only their required functionality. For example, ShowplannerApp brings the functionality of ShowplannerMap, another module, to mobile devices, with the addition of networking games and booth check-in incentives through rewards offered by exhibitors. The look and feel of Showplanner is highly aesthetic, offering crisp visuals and a smooth, user-friendly interface combining with integrated networking tools to promote pre-show engagement. This brings the show’s benefits to visitors and exhibitors as soon as they sign up, in turn encouraging early registration and organic word-of-mouth promotion to increase visitor numbers. Showplanner also includes modules created especially for conferences, award shows and exhibition stand sales and features deep revenue generation with dynamic sponsorship opportunities for organisers.

A live example of Showplanner can be seen on the website of Mash Media’s Event Production Show. Please feel free to experience it fully by creating a user account and using the system as a show visitor.

Technical Showplans

Technical Showplans, Showplans’ floorplan service, has recently undergone crucial developments. The service is focused on maximising the floorspace available to organisers and increasing the number of “prime sites” – areas with higher visitor flow and therefore more value – this in turn gives organisers an opportunity to increase stand income by operating a dynamic pricing model. As an expert floorplan supplier, Showplans offer clients unparalleled support, personalised advice and expert opinion on how to best use their floorplans. Another important development to the service has been the introduction of an ongoing offer guaranteeing an increase in stand space – if Showplans fail to increase the available space compared to the show’s previous floorplan, the organiser receives the floorplan for free. This guarantee gives organisers peace of mind and increases their stand revenue.

Last but not least, an improvement has been seen in the 3D Showplans service. As well as enhancing the quality and range of 3D image styles and animated flythroughs, 3D animation videos are now offered with full production from scripting through sound design and voice-over, leaving the customer to focus on their own tasks, confident that they can leave the project in Showplans’ hands and receive a reliable and quickly-produced end product.

3D Showplans

More information about Showplans’ range of products can be seen on our website.

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